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Charging the Surface 3 Tablet

FAQ on Charging the Surface 3

Charge the Surface 3 only with the power adapter and USB cord provided.  Using any non Microsoft adapter and/or USB cord may void your warranty.  If it is damaged please bring it to IT for repair.
To charge the Surface: 
1. Plug the USB charging cable into the power adapter.
2. Plug the power adapter into the wall outlet.
3. Ensure the charging cable is pointed down and the silver micro USB connector is pointed to the left.  A white dot should be visible on the upper part of the charging connector.
4. Insert the micro USB cable into the jack on the Surface.  The white dot on the cable should light up.

Notes on charging:
Do NOT force the micro USB connector into the jack!  If it does not insert easily stop, check the orientation and try again.  The jack and/or cable will be damaged if inserted incorrectly.
Charging time varies.  The Surface will charge fastest if it has been shut down.  Charging time when powered off is around 2 hours.  When the Surface is in use or in sleep mode charging time is between 2 to 6 hours.
The charger will become very warm.  This is normal and a good verification it is charging.



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