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PowerSchool or a website doesn't load or look correct

PowerSchool or a website doesn't load or look correct due to compatibility view being turned on

The issue comes from accidentally clicking the compatibility view button next to the refresh page button.  Please follow these steps to detect and correct this.

Open Internet Explorer and login to PowerSchool or the problematic site.  Look at the attached picture of a torn page (it’s close to the red X).

It should be gray.  If it is STOP.

Check that when you take attendance or use the site the drop down boxes appear.  If the torn page is blue or you don’t get drop down boxes in attendance follow this step.

Click the blue torn page.  It should turn grey and the page should automatically reload.  Now try attendance or use the site.  The drop down boxes should appear.  If you continue to have problems or questions please fill out a help ticket.



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  • Sep 11, 2012
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