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Projector Will Not Display

The projector will not display anything.

Make sure the projector is powered on.  Next unplug the VGA cable from the notebook.  You should hear the disconnect sound.  Note some speakers will make a loud humming sound.  This is normal.  Reconnect the VGA cable.  Your screen should flicker and resize.

If you still don't have an image, change the input on the projector to computer.

If that fails press and hold the fn key on the keyboard.  Next press and release the f4 key.  Depending on the notebook model you will get a menu or your screen will go blank.
For menu notebooks press the f4 key till clone display is highlighted.  Then release the fn key.  The projector and notebook should display the same thing.
For all other systems press the f4 key and wait a few seconds for the display to change.  You might have to repeat the procedure several times to get it to clone the display.  Some of these require the fn key to be released in-between the f4 presses.

If this does not resolve the issue please fill out a help ticket. 



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  • May 14, 2015
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